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2020 China Net Company Spring Festival Holiday Notice


  Dear new and old customers:

  When the Spring Festival is approaching, according to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, our company hereby informs the holiday arrangements for the 2020 Spring Festival as follows:

  1. The Spring Festival holiday time is set to be from January 22nd to February 1st, and work on February 1st (the eighth day).

  2. During the Spring Festival, all highways pass freely throughout the country. Colleagues who return home should pay attention to safety. Speed down the highway section, don’t compete for overtaking, don’t grab lanes, and do safety first.

  Chongqing Zhongjing Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. together with all the staff wish the new and old customers a happy new year, prosperous business, and all the best! Thank you very much for your long-term support and affirmation of our work.

                                                    Chongqing Zhongjing Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

                                                                         January 20, 2020


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