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80 single-stage vacuum oil purifier insulating oil transformer filtering equipment

      80 single-stage vacuum oil purifier insulating oil transformer filter equipment caused by bubbles are as follows:

  1. Oil contains a lot of water, and the water in the oil is heated and evaporated in a vacuum environment (the boiling point of water is lower than that of oil), and it becomes water vapor, which is released from the oil in the form of bubbles. When water vapor cannot be removed in time, it is manifested as foam accumulation on the oil surface.

  2. The oil has cracked and cannot be reused. Due to long-term operation of turbine oil or hydraulic oil in hydraulic system at higher temperature, some low-molecular component additives in the oil continue to volatilize, and the anti-foaming agent continues to disappear. As time goes by, the oxidation effect strengthens and the oil viscosity Increased, the strength of the oil film also increased, and the gas permeability deteriorated, providing conditions for the formation and stable existence of foam. At this time, the waste oil that cannot be reused should be discarded. Generally speaking, the vacuum oil filter can extend the life of various oil products of the steam turbine system by about 3 years, not indefinitely. Therefore, in this situation, it is necessary to either continuously add new oil to neutralize the quality of the oil or directly add the lost anti-foaming agent to the oil.

  3. The vacuum in the operation of the vacuum oil filter is too high, resulting in transient flash evaporation. The high temperature makes the light hydrocarbons and additives in the oil mixed into the oil to cause bubbles. In addition, the vacuum is too high, if there is a large amount of water vapor If it is recovered in time, or its own designed recovery capacity is not sufficient, it will also cause the interaction of water vapor and oil to form new foam. If this happens, you can lower the vacuum degree appropriately.

  The generation of foam during the filtration of the vacuum oil filter is inevitable, but if you understand the cause of the foam, you can operate the oil filter more correctly. As the oil filtering progresses, when there is less foam in the vacuum separation tank, the working vacuum will be higher. When there is no foam, the oil is qualified after filtration.

  80 single-stage vacuum oil purifier insulation oil transformer filter equipment electrical description

  1. The main electrical appliances are made of high-quality products with reliable quality and stable performance to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.

  2. The oil pump and the heater are interlocked to ensure that the heater power is automatically cut off when the oil pump stops working.

  3. The vacuum pump is interlocked with the heater. After the vacuum pump is started, oil enters the heater before the heater can be started.

  4. Equipped with motor overload, over current, phase loss protection and phase sequence protection, with leakage and overload shutdown devices.

  5. Using fuzzy control technology to overcome the frequent action of the heater system, so that the relay contact system life of the machine is increased.

  6. The electrical control system is made according to national standards.

  7. There are intelligent digital temperature controller, vacuum pump operation indicator, oil pump operation indicator, heater operation indicator, power indicator, sound and light alarm indicator device and other components on the control panel.

  8. Perfect interlocking device to ensure long-term reliable operation of the whole machine.

  Equipment export packaging: The conventional fumigation packaging is suitable for long-distance transportation abroad.

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