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TYA30 (2000L) oilpurifier to filter waste hydraulic oil online

1. Ensure the cleanliness of lubricating hydraulic oil
  Theoretically, if there are no foreign particles, the bearing can be used continuously for a long-term infinite life under the condition of less than the fatigue load. However, it is very difficult to increase the cleanliness level of lubricating oil to a state where these tiny particles are completely absent. However, through online purification, the cleanliness of the oil can be increased to below 0.001% of "mechanical impurities" (NAS4 level) during operation. , Simple and easy, and low cost.
  2. Thoroughly solve the old and difficult problems of lubricating oil oxidation and deterioration
  Traditional oil filter equipment can only filter out impurities above 5μm, and is powerless to remove colloidal impurities and saponification caused by emulsification and oxidation in lubricating oil. On-line purification can effectively remove water mixed in the oil, particle impurities below 5μm, corrosive salts, and colloids and saponification formed by oxidative deterioration, which completely solves the long-standing problems of oxidative deterioration of lubricating oil. It is a new breakthrough in technology, especially the removal of colloid, which cannot be solved by other current oil filtering technologies.
  3. The earth prolongs the service life of lubricating oil, improves resource utilization, and effectively protects the environment. Metal particles have a strong catalytic effect on the oxidation and deterioration of oil. Under the synergistic effect of water, harmful substances react with oil. , To accelerate the oxidative deterioration of oil. Online purification can remove all kinds of impurities in the oil in time, so that the service life of the oil can be extended by more than ten years, which greatly reduces the discharge of waste oil, and greatly improves the environment and cost-effectiveness.
  4. No need to stop the machine to change oil, reduce the loss of stop, and greatly improve the utilization of equipment
  Using an uninterrupted continuous online purification method can reduce the oil pipeline and the internal sedimentation pollution of the unit to zero. Even if the lubricating oil is suddenly polluted, there is no need to stop the machine and change the oil. The failures caused by lubricating oil pollution have also been greatly reduced, and the corresponding wearing parts, maintenance man-hours and maintenance costs have been greatly reduced, thereby greatly improving economic benefits.
  5. Changing the passive handling of lubrication failures into active prevention of failures improves the overall maintenance quality
  ①、Comparison with traditional filtering equipment
  The current domestic filtration equipment mainly includes the following types: plate and frame oil filter machine, filter element oil filter machine, centrifugal oil filter machine, vacuum oil filter machine.
  Plate and frame type and filter element oil filter machines have basically been eliminated due to large consumables and large oil losses, and they are only used in very few occasions.
  The centrifugal oil purifier is the first choice for online purification in foreign countries. It is used to remove water and mechanical impurities. However, when a large amount of water enters in an instant, the oil-water specific gravity difference disappears, and the oil-water separation function is lost, and the centrifugal oil filter Machines can't get rid of gum, and their expensive prices are often prohibitive.
  The vacuum oil filter uses the different saturated vapor pressures of different media to remove water and light component impurities through flash evaporation technology. It has a good effect on purifying trace water, and it cannot be removed in time when a large amount of water is entered instantly. If the oil with corrosive impurities is purified, it is particularly easy to cause leakage of valves and seals, so the failure rate is high and the adaptability is not good.
  ②, online purification principle
  The design idea of  lubricating kidney oil filter is based on bionics, and the principle is that the principle that human blood does not need to be replaced for a lifetime depends on the purification of the kidney. If the lubricating oil of the equipment is also regarded as "blood" for purification with twice the margin every day, then the lubricating oil can be used for life without changing.
  The kidney-type lubricating oil filter adopts the non-mechanical Coulomb force as the purification method, and uses the difference in dielectric constant ε between oil and water, colloidal impurities, and mechanical impurities to precipitate and adsorb them on the dielectric filter material. Under the action of Coulomb force, the precipitated impurity particles can also attract and precipitate other impurity particles like iron filings in a magnetic field.
  A cylindrical dielectric body placed in a gradient electric field. When a certain intensity of electric field is applied, the lines of force bend around the dielectric body. A very strong high gradient electric field is formed at the distance of the diameter of the dielectric body. The impurity particles move to the dielectric body with the oil flow. When the electric body is near, it quickly swims in the direction of the field strength and is adsorbed and deposited on its surface. The separation principle is not related to the size of the pollutant, but is related to the dielectric constant ε of the separated object.
  6. Application range of online oil purifier
  The online oil filter is suitable for the online lubricant, hydraulic oil, and turbine oil of large-scale hydraulic and thermal power generating units, large processing centers, mine lubrication stations, thin oil stations, refining and chemical combined and steam-electric combined large-scale combined units Purify.
  Diesel, kerosene, washing oil and other off-line purification to remove mechanical impurities, water, colloidal impurities, etc. before use.
  The regeneration of waste oil and the preparation of high-purity chemical agents, etc.
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