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Vacuum oil filling process of ZYD-100 transformer oilpurifier

  1. Characteristics of transformer oil purifier:

  ZYD-100 transformer oil vacuum oil purifier adopts degassing components, which can improve the efficiency of dehydration and degassing. It adopts photoelectric control defoaming device, and oil level control adopts mechanical and electronic control and overpressure alarm devices, which can realize automatic operation. The oil inlet and outlet have an interchange function, and the oil inlet and outlet can be exchanged at will through the valve control during operation, without removing the oil change pipe. It adopts low-power and high-density electric heating elements and is equipped with an overheating protection system, which will not cause deterioration of oil quality under any circumstances. The whole system does not need to be cooled and is easy to use. No tools are required to remove the filter element.


  2. Working principle of transformer oil purifier:

  is designed according to the different boiling points of water and oil. It consists of a vacuum heating tank, a fine filter, a preliminary filter, a vacuum pump, an oil drain pump and an electrical cabinet. The vacuum pump draws out the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the external oil enters the particles of the primary filter through the inlet pipe, and then enters the heating tank. The oil heated to 40-75°C enters the vacuum tank. The water in the oil quickly evaporates into water vapor and is continuously sucked into the oil-water separator by the vacuum pump. The water vapor in the separator is cooled and then reduced to water and released.

  3. Steps of vacuum oil filling of transformer oil purifier:

  Ready to work

  1 Work with the personnel of the transformer manufacturer to implement the cooperation between the two parties and specify the specific construction date. Implement relevant process measures, organizational measures and safety measures as required.

  2 Prepare enough qualified new oil, take oil samples for chemical and electrical tests, and analyze and test the test data.

  3 Prepare vacuum oil filter, precision oil filter, vacuum pump and other equipment and oil drums, oil pipes, pipe joints, valves, vacuum gauges, seals, plug plates, oil filter paper, oil standard tubes and other accessories, and ensure that they are clean No debris.

  4 Connect the cooling water source for the vacuum pump.

  5 Sufficient lighting equipment and fire-fighting equipment shall be equipped on site.

  6 Understand the weather conditions, determine the start date, and record the temperature, humidity and other data before the start of work.

  7 Organize the study of this plan, clarify the division of labor, and check on-site security measures to meet the requirements.

  8 Explain clearly the relevant safety measures and work discipline to the working class members.

  The ZYD-100 transformer oil vacuum oil purifier starts the oil filling process:

  1 Use a 100T crane and a 100T trailer to transport the transformer back and forth, from the temporary parking site to the factory building, unload the truck with a bridge crane, and use a hoist to transport the transformer to the designated location through the main transfer lane.

  2 Oil filled to discharge nitrogen, hot oil circulation.

  3 oil drain, hanging cover, body inspection.

  4 Transformer accessory installation.

  5 Connect the vacuum tube, oil standard tube, wheat vacuum gauge, etc. to the transformer.

  6 Connect the vacuum oil filter, oil storage tank, vacuum pump, transformer, etc. with pipelines. If there is a safe air passage, remove it and block the corresponding position with a blocking plate.

  7 Turn on the vacuum pump to uniformly increase the vacuum degree within one hour to make the vacuum degree reach 1.3Kpa, and maintain this vacuum degree for 30 minutes.

  8 After observing that there is no abnormality in all parts of the transformer, continue to vacuum ≤50Pa (this data is read by the microphone vacuum gauge installed on the top of the transformer) and then maintain it for another 6 hours. During this process, the deformation of the transformer box should be closely observed. If there is any abnormality, the vacuum pump should be stopped immediately and reported to the relevant personnel.

  9 During the vacuuming process, the personnel on duty shall not leave their posts without authorization, and the personnel on duty shall record the relevant data.

  10 Continue to vacuum, and at the same time open the oil storage tank discharge valve and the transformer fuel injection valve, turn on the vacuum oil filter, and appropriately control the valve, and slowly move the qualified oil in the oil storage tank from the bottom of the transformer at a rate of 4-6 tons per hour Inject the transformer. During this process, closely monitor the oil level. When the oil level reaches 100-150mm from the top of the tank, stop the oil filling, close the oil filling valve on the transformer, remove the oil pipe, and seal the nozzle with a stuffy plate.

  11 Continue to vacuum for 8 hours, and the vacuum degree should be maintained ≤50Pa (read by a wheat vacuum gauge).

  ZYD-100 transformer oil vacuum oil purifier began to fill:

  1 Shut down the vacuum pump, release the transformer vacuum, and observe the oil level change.

  2 Connect the oil filter, oil tank, transformer, etc.

  3 After checking that all parts are normal, open the oil tank discharge valve and the transformer oil injection valve, turn on the vacuum oil filter, and inject the oil in the oil tank from the gas relay into the transformer at a rate of 4-6 tons per hour. At this time, pay attention to the change of the oil level on the oil pillow oil mark.

  4 When the oil level is close to the top, the oil filling speed will be further slowed down, and the oil filling will be suspended when the oil level is close to the level of the lower header of the Buchholz relay.

  5 Reinstall the short header at the Buchholz relay and open the butterfly valves on both sides of the Buchholz relay.

  6 Then connect an oil filling pipe to the oil inlet pipe of the oil pillow. Open the vent on the top of the oil pillow, remove the respirator, and close the exhaust and oil drain valves of the oil pillow plenum.

  7 Reopen the connection butterfly valve of each cooler and transformer body.

  8 Restart the oil filter, and fill the riser, oil pillow, and cooler with oil. When oil is found to overflow from the vent hole on the top of the oil pillow, immediately stop filling the oil and close the relevant valve.

  9 Loosen the pressure relief valve, the high and low pressure side casing raising seat, the neutral point casing and the bleed hole screws on the raising seat respectively, and tighten them immediately when oil overflows.

  10 Open the exhaust valve of the oil pillow plenum. Loosen the terminal block screw on the upper part of the high-voltage side bushing, lift the terminal block slightly, and re-tighten the terminal block screw when no gas escapes. At this time, pay attention to the sealing gasket on the terminal block.

  11 Close the butterfly valve at the oil filling point, remove the oil pipe, and immediately block the pipe opening with a plug.

  12 Adjust the oil level of the transformer oil pillow to a suitable position through the oil drain valve at the bottom of the transformer, and then screw on the vent hole on the top of the oil pillow. Pay attention to check the leak tightness.

  13 Tighten the screws on the casing riser slightly (if there is oil leakage, tighten them further).

  14 Remove temporary oil standard and other oil accessories of concern. Allow the transformer to stand still for at least 24 hours. During this process, all parts of the transformer (such as oil level, tightness, deformation, etc.) should be carefully checked, and the Buchholz relay should be vented for an appropriate number of times.

  ZYD-100 transformer oil vacuum oil purifier oil filling safety precautions:

  1 The upper and lower transformers should be in special passages, scaffolding should be built around the low-voltage side bushings, and necessary anti-skid measures should be taken.

  2 When working on the top of the transformer, work should be carried out in accordance with the regulations for aerial work.

  3 Carefully understand the good weather conditions. The contact time between the body and the air should not exceed 12 hours when the air humidity is not more than 75%. When the humidity is below 65%, the allowable time is 16 hours.

  4 In cross operations, attention should be paid to mutual contact to prevent personal injury and equipment damage caused by falling objects from high altitude.

  5 The oil filter, vacuum pump and power tools should be inspected before use, and their metal shells should be reliably grounded during use.

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