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Uses and characteristics of ZYD-50 transformer oil two-stage vacuum oil purifier

    Working principle of two-stage vacuum oil purifier:

  The ZYD-50 transformer oil two-stage vacuum oil purifier produced by Chongqing Zhongjing Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is designed according to the different boiling points of water and oil. It consists of a vacuum heating tank, a fine filter, a preliminary filter, a vacuum pump, an oil discharge pump, and Composed of electrical cabinets. The vacuum pump draws out the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the external oil enters the primary filter particles through the inlet pipe, and then enters the heating tank. The oil heated to 40-75℃ enters the vacuum tank. The water in the evaporator quickly evaporates into water vapor and is continuously sucked into the oil-water separator by the vacuum pump. The water vapor in the separator is cooled and then reduced to water and then released.

  Two-stage vacuum oil purifier detailed introduction:

  ZYD-50 transformer oil two-stage vacuum oil purifier is suitable for large-scale transmission and transformation voltage equipment above 110KV and the main national power grid, especially suitable for areas above 500 meters above sea level. It is widely used in power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries. It is suitable for oil treatment during installation and maintenance of large transformers, transformer vacuum oil filling and hot oil circulation drying.

  Features of two-stage vacuum oil purifier

  1 In addition to the dehydration, degassing, and impurity removal functions of a general vacuum oil filter, this machine also has the function of regenerating poor quality oil, which can effectively remove polar substances such as deep oxides and free carbon in the oil. It can restore the comprehensive indicators of anti-oxidation and acid-base water solubility of poor quality oil.

  2 Two-stage high vacuum, high pumping speed, unique and advanced dehydration and degassing system, using three-dimensional flash evaporation technology, can quickly remove water, impurities, hydrocarbon compounds and other harmful components in the oil. The breakdown voltage of one filtration can be increased to 35KV, reducing the harm of oil aging caused by multiple heating of general oil filter. Improve the flash point and compressive strength of insulating oil.

  3 high vacuum and high pumping speed can meet the needs of vacuuming and vacuum oiling of the transformer body at installation or maintenance site, and at the same time complete the degassing and dehydration of transformer oil, greatly shortening the oil processing cycle.

  4 Sophisticated filtration system, using sintered felt and sintered mesh filter elements produced in Japan; ultra-high precision filter elements produced in the United States, step-by-step encryption, multi-level precision filtration, and filtration accuracy can reach the world's leading level.

  Features and advantages of two-stage vacuum oil filter equipment:

  5 According to the needs of users, it can be equipped with PLC automatic intelligent control, touch screen operation, and dynamic display.

  6 Vacuum pumps, Roots pumps, oil pumps, electrical components, etc. are all selected domestic or international brands. Optional flow meter with accumulation function.

  7 can be equipped with online moisture detector and frequency converter.

  8 can be equipped with random detection withstand voltage value and automatically print the detection result.

  9 can be equipped with an external transformer pump-down system.

  10 The overall structure of the machine is generally mobile and open, and can be specially made into fixed, fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, eaves, canvas, and trailer types according to user requirements.

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