Trailer type single stage insulating oil purifier

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Product Info2:Trailer type single stage insulating oil purifier

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Product description:Product Usage: Trailer-type single-stage insulating oil purifier is mainly used to deal with various unqualified transfor

  Product Usage:

  Trailer-type single-stage insulating oil purifier is mainly used to deal with various unqualified transformer insulating oil, switch oil, transformer oil, etc. This machine adopts the vacuum negative pressure principle, introduces the latest German compound three-dimensional flash evaporation technology, thin film evaporation technology, and adopts multi-stage precision filtration, so as to reliably remove harmful substances such as moisture, impurities, gas and other unqualified oil, and quickly restore the oil The product performance meets the oil standard. Trailer-type single-stage oil filter is suitable for long-distance operations in the field, with its own trailer, used for wind power generation, electric field construction, etc. The trailer-type single-stage oil filter can also be equipped with a diesel generator set and an on-site oil detection instrument. The equipment functions include oil pumping, oil filling, vacuum drying, hot oil circulating filtration and other functions to meet the requirements of on-site use.


  1. Trailer type, fully enclosed structure, waterproof and dustproof, easy to move.

  2. Install car tires, bridge shock absorbers, brake assembly, and welded steel structure of the whole car to ensure a driving speed of 60KM/H.

  3. It can effectively treat unqualified transformer oil, remove water, gas and impurities.

  4. New high-efficiency electric heating system, low heating load, uniform heating and low energy consumption.

  5. High degree of automation control, using automatic constant temperature control, automatic liquid level control, automatic pressure protection system, etc.

  6. The whole machine interlocking protection device, heater, oil pump, and liquid level controller work together.

  7. Online oil filtering, unmanned operation, the running status is displayed by the indicator light.

  8. This machine has humanized design, low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption and saving operating cost.

  9. The whole machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection, the oil discharge system, the vacuum system and the heating system are interlocked to avoid adverse effects caused by misoperation.

  10. With filter element replacement instructions, filter element saturation shutdown device.

  Product parameters:

  Product optional configuration:

  1. Optional imported online moisture detector and breakdown voltage tester.

  2. Optional fuel gun, ordinary flow meter and digital display flow meter.

  3. The color of the body can be optional blue, green, white, etc.

  4. Imported foam sensor can detect foam in the oil in time, prevent oil running, and operate safely online.

  5. Optional insulation oil regeneration device is used together to achieve the functions of acid removal, decolorization, free carbon removal, and dielectric loss reduction.

  Equipment quality requirements, technical standards: strictly in accordance with the national quality standards, technical standards, inspection standards, after passing the factory, the goods provided are brand new and unused. The whole machine is guaranteed for 3 years. During the warranty period, three guarantees will be implemented for major equipment problems. Any abnormal problems will be handled by the supplier free of charge. If it occurs outside the warranty period, the supplier will provide lifelong free technical services and only charge the cost of accessories.

  Material selection of the whole equipment: the main body of the whole machine is high carbon steel, and the consumables are stainless steel sheet mesh filter materials (which can be cleaned and reused for many times). The main body can choose stainless steel material for oil pipeline according to the user's requirements. Domestic or imported brands can be selected for oil pump and electrical related main components, or explosion-proof is required. Imported filter element or designated brand can be used for filter element.

  Chongqing Zhongjing Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. packing: conventional fumigation packaging for wooden box export, and the equipment meets the requirements of long-distance transportation at home and abroad.

  Equipment transportation mode: automobile, aircraft, ship logistics transportation, the company will replace and repair the goods free of charge until customer satisfaction.

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