ZJB single stage transformer oil purifier

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Product Info1:ZJB-20/ZJB-30/ZJB-50/ZJB-100/ZJB-150

Product Info2:ZJB single stage transformer oil purifier

Shelf time:2020-11-20

Product description:The equipment is suitable for transformer oil single-stage oil purifier ZJB30L/MIN, single-stage vacuum oil purifier ZJB5

  Product Usage:

  ZJB single-stage transformer oil purifier series are mainly suitable for the purification of insulating oil such as high-voltage transformers, current transformers, capacitors, circuit breakers, and oil switches. The equipment has offline and online functions, which can clean the degraded transformers, transformers, oil switches and other insulating oils without power failure. It can also be distributed and concentrated. The single-stage oil filter can separately dry, vacuum, and vacuum oil the insulating equipment with water, gas, impurities, etc. After the oil filter is processed, the insulating oil can quickly reach the insulation index and restore the stability of the oil.


  ⊙Single-stage oil filter developed by our company. On the basis of the original vacuum oil filter, it has made greater improvements. It adopts a multi-stage negative pressure filter horizontal structure, with stable and advanced bipolar vacuum performance, reliable electrical design and installation, compact appearance and reasonable structure.

  ⊙Short purification cycle, low energy consumption, no filter paper and fragile materials, high degree of automation. Automatic control protection device, light and flexible, low power consumption, low noise and convenient operation.

  ⊙The polymer composite filter material directly removes the free carbon in the power insulating oil. It can effectively ensure the filtering accuracy of the oil, that is, the cleanliness, and the filter equipment has an automatic backwash.

  ⊙Vacuum pump oil demulsification circulation system and vacuum circulation cooling device, water cooling and air cooling can be switched arbitrarily, to solve the shortcomings of freezing in winter in northern areas. The oil purification circulation system for the vacuum pump was added to solve the problem of easy emulsification of the oil during long-term operation of the vacuum pump. The machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can be used with a decolorization and deacidification adsorption device.

  Product parameters:

  Equipment quality requirements, technical standards: strictly in accordance with the national quality standards, technical standards, inspection standards, after passing the factory, the goods provided are brand new and unused. The whole machine is guaranteed for 3 years. During the warranty period, three guarantees will be implemented for major equipment problems. Any abnormal problems will be handled by the supplier free of charge. If it occurs outside the warranty period, the supplier will provide lifelong free technical services and only charge the cost of accessories.

  Material selection of the whole equipment: the main body of the whole machine is high carbon steel, and the consumables are stainless steel sheet mesh filter materials (which can be cleaned and reused for many times). The main body can choose stainless steel material for oil pipeline according to the user's requirements. Domestic or imported brands can be selected for oil pump and electrical related main components, or explosion-proof is required. Imported filter element or designated brand can be used for filter element.

  Chongqing Zhongjing Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. packing: conventional fumigation packaging for wooden box export, and the equipment meets the requirements of long-distance transportation at home and abroad.

  Equipment transportation mode: automobile, aircraft, ship logistics transportation, the company will replace and repair the goods free of charge until customer satisfaction.

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