Comparison of the effect of emulsified turbine oil after purification (turbine oil vacuum oil filter)

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Product description:Reasons for emulsification of turbine oil: Turbine oil, also called steam turbine oil, is mainly used for the lubrication

    Reasons for emulsification of turbine oil:

  Turbine oil, also called steam turbine oil, is mainly used for the lubrication of steam turbines in power plants, hydroelectric generators in hydropower stations, and other lubrication occasions that require deep and refined lubricants. Turbine oil is a kind of oil used in steam turbine engines. It is suitable for high-speed mechanical lubrication. It mainly plays the role of lubrication, heat dissipation, cooling and speed regulation. The common phenomenon of emulsification of steam turbine turbine oil is easy to occur after entering water, and the harm to the unit is serious, mainly in the following aspects:

  1. Turbine oil emulsification can cause serious corrosion of the sliding valve and sleeve in the regulating system, causing the sliding valve to jam, reducing the sensitivity of the regulating system, and even causing load shedding during the operation of the unit. At the same time, it may damage the oil film at the bearing and easily cause wear of the bearing and journal.

  2. The emulsion deposits in the oil circulation system, which hinders the oil circulation, causes insufficient oil supply, affects heat dissipation, and easily causes bearing bush burning, which may cause serious accidents.

  3. Turbine oil emulsification can accelerate the oxidation of turbine oil, increase the acid value, and produce more oxidized deposits, thereby further extending the demulsification time of turbine oil.

  The solution after turbine oil emulsification:

  The emulsification of the turbine oil has serious consequences for the operation of the unit. Ensuring the design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of steam turbine equipment and the quality of turbine oil is very important to prevent and eliminate water ingress into the turbine oil system and prevent turbine oil emulsification. Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. To ensure the quality of product design and manufacturing. Unreasonable design and product manufacturing that does not meet the design requirements will directly lead to water ingress into the turbine oil system.

  2. When the unit is running, the turbine oil vacuum oil filter should be put into operation, and the oil and water used for the adjustment and lubrication of the turbine unit should be separated in time and impurities filtered. At the same time, oil system components must be clean and sealed during manufacture, installation and operation, and meet the various cleanliness standards specified by the manufacturer.

  3. For the emulsified turbine oil, the power plant can also add a demulsifier to the oil according to the situation to improve the demulsification performance of the turbine oil. The demulsifier is used to destroy the emulsified film on the oil-water interface and release water to achieve the purpose of water removal.

  The turbine oil vacuum oil filter produced by our company is mainly used to filter the emulsified turbine oil, which can achieve the purpose of dewatering and degassing. The turbine oil vacuum oil filter effectively removes Water, gas, and mechanical impurities such as metal particles, sand, and carbon particles in flat oil. The comparison picture of the filtering effect of the turbine oil vacuum oil filter.


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