Purification effect diagram of oil after oxidative emulsification and carbonization-vacuum oil purifier

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Product description:Analysis of the causes of water in oil: Oil and water are two immiscible liquids, but under certain conditions, a stable

  Analysis of the causes of water in oil:

  Oil and water are two immiscible liquids, but under certain conditions, a stable or unstable emulsion will be formed. In contact with water, whether the oil is emulsified or not and the degree of emulsification is mainly determined by the composition and composition of the oil. The purity of the water and the nature of the components are determined by the temperature and vibration of the oil-water system.

  Take the emulsification that usually occurs in oils as an example. When there are some surface-active substances (such as carboxylic acid derivatives) that have both lipophilic and hydrophilic groups in the oil or water, they will be at a suitable temperature and concentration. At the time, they associate together to form a dense monolayer, which encloses water. A large number of associations are evenly dispersed in the oil to form a water-in-oil emulsion. It can be seen that controlling the presence of surface-active substances in oil-water and destroying the dense monomolecular layer of surface-active substances encapsulating water is the fundamental way to prevent and resist the emulsification of the two-phase coexisting system.

  The use of highly refined base oils to prepare industrial gear oils is of great significance for improving the demulsification properties of refined oils. However, industrial gear oils contain various functional additives (surfactants), which will inevitably affect the oil's ability to separate water. Therefore, oil product development and production personnel add a certain proportion of demulsifiers with special characteristics to the oil to suppress this effect, so as to ensure that the oil has good demulsibility.

  The effect of controlling the amount and quality of water mixed into the oil in preventing oil emulsification cannot be ignored. During the use of industrial gear oils, absolutely avoid mixing the rolling fluid into the oil, because the rolling fluid itself is an emulsion, which can be considered as an accelerator for oil emulsification. The centralized lubrication system of the large gear unit adopts prolonging the settling time of the oil in use, filtering the circulating oil, centrifugal separation, etc., which are also effective means to prevent oil emulsification.

  Solve the reasons for water content in oil:

  After the oil is emulsified, the vacuum oil filter produced by our company is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other fields. It can quickly and effectively treat turbine oil, steam engine oil, lubricating oil, etc. with high water content. Remove free water, emulsion, impurities, gas and other harmful components in the oil. At the same time, it can also run online with the lubrication system for a long time. It can also filter and purify the purified oil with high precision and purity. Improve oil quality and restore its performance. Ensure the normal operation of the steam turbine unit, hydraulic system, power system, and lubrication system.


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