Comparison chart of color effect after purification of water-containing emulsified lubricating oil

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Product description:Causes of lubricant contamination: 1. The first hazard that causes the pollution of lubricating oil is the pollution of w

  Causes of lubricant contamination:

  1. The first hazard that causes the pollution of lubricating oil is the pollution of water emulsification, which reduces the viscosity of the oil and the anti-wear performance. At the same time, it will promote the oxidation and deterioration of the oil and destroy the oil film formed by the hydraulic oil, making the effect of the hydraulic oil worse. Accelerate the effect of organic acids on metal corrosion. Rusted equipment causes additives (especially metal salts) to undergo hydrolysis reaction and become invalid.

  2. Lubricating oil solid dust particle pollution. The dust particle clogging system protects the filter element online, causing the hydraulic components to jam and block, and the catalyst for oil oxidation. Particles are the main factor causing deposition and clogging, and 10μm particles play a leading role in the wear of equipment parts.

  3. Lubricating oil gaseous pollution, the bubbles in the oil are squeezed and burst during the flow process to release heat, causing the temperature of the local oil to rise rapidly, and continue to burn with the oxygen in the bubbles to produce carbon dioxide, water and carbon powder. Carbon dioxide will generate carbonic acid when it meets with water, causing pollution to equipment. The carbon powder turns the oil black, and the high temperature released by the combustion breaks the long molecular chain and increases the distance between the molecules, thereby reducing the oil viscosity and performance. At the same time, water pollution is generated, which enters a vicious circle and causes serious damage to the system. Gas in oil is also an important factor that causes equipment instability, but it is generally ignored by everyone. At present, the country has not issued a unified standard to calibrate the air pollution level.

  Aiming at the cause of lubricating oil pollution, and the solution: select lubricating oil vacuum oil filter to filter and remove impurities

  1. Lubricating oil vacuum oil filter features, high filtration accuracy and strong ability to filter impurities.

  The lubricating oil vacuum oil filter adopts a multi-stage cartridge filter, which has a strong ability to filter impurities. The coarse filter uses a large flow washable filter element, which has high filtration efficiency and can remove a large amount of impurities in the oil. The "glass fiber" is highly efficient The fine filtering device has large dirt holding capacity, high strength, long life, and can remove fine particles in the oil.

  2. Strong ability to remove water and demulsify.

  Lubricating oil vacuum oil filter adopts the world's leading vacuum separation technology and a special polymer material demulsification device, which can quickly and easily separate the liquid water and free water in the oil, as well as remove the dissolved water in the oil. Dehydration and degassing are completed simultaneously. It can make the heavily emulsified lubricating oil become clear and transparent, and meet the requirements of lubricating equipment. Our company's lubricating oil vacuum oil filter adopts a filter method of 4 or more filter elements, and the impurity particles are separated and filtered. Impurities with a particle size of less than 1 micron are excluded. Especially for the emulsified oil, special dehydrated materials are used to restore the new color of the oil after dehydration and removal of impurities. The following picture is the effect picture after filtering on site of our company.


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