Color contrast effect diagram after decolorization of engine oil-oil filter

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Product description:The reason for the black hair and yellow hair from waste engine oil: Reason 1-high temperature and high pressure carboniz

  The reason for the black hair and yellow hair from waste engine oil:

  Reason 1-high temperature and high pressure carbonization: engine oil works under severe high temperature conditions, which is prone to oxidation and deterioration, producing acidic substances and superimposing polymer deposits, which will damage lubrication. In addition, the combustion of exhaust gas into the crankcase will also promote the oxidation and deterioration of the oil. Therefore, after using for a certain period of time, the engine oil will usually turn black and deteriorate, losing its due lubrication effect. However, with the continuous improvement of the quality of lubricating oil, especially the popularization and use of thickened oil, the blackening of oil does not necessarily mean that the oil has deteriorated. This is because the clean dispersant added in the thickened engine oil disperses the deposits on the parts in the oil, making the engine oil black. Whether it has deteriorated, various indicators should be tested, and the oil should be changed regularly according to the quality to reduce unnecessary waste.

  Reason 2-Insufficient fuel quality: The higher the olefin content in the fuel, the higher the sulfur content, the sludge is easy to form in gasoline engines, soot is easy to form in diesel engines, and the engine oil is more likely to turn black.

  Reason 3-the equipment structure is unreasonable: the engine structure and working conditions are different. The sludge in the oil pan of the gasoline engine is mainly caused by the car starting and stopping, the horsepower is not fully utilized and the combustion is not complete; the diesel engine is not completely burned to form soot, As a result, the oil is easy to turn black. Long-term overload and high-power high-temperature operation of the engine causes the oil to oxidize and turn black. Replace the engine oil without cleaning the engine or replace the oil filter element. After adding new engine oil, the new engine oil is contaminated by the waste engine oil that has not been drained. There is also the cleaning function of the new engine oil to clean the original gum, coke, sludge, etc. in the engine Mix it with engine oil to make it black.

  Summary: Can black engine oil be filtered and reused? The answer is yes. Processing and purifying black oil can use large-scale distillation equipment, medium-scale decolorization filter equipment, and small vacuum oil filter decolorization. According to the specific situation, we will deal with it (Chongqing Zhongjing Filter Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) professionally provide technical solutions to customers. satisfy customer needs.

  Waste oil decolorization regeneration purification equipment is suitable for the decolorization, deacidification, regeneration purification treatment of seriously aging waste industrial lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. Restore the physical and chemical properties of the oil to make the purified oil reach the national standard new oil quality and reuse the standard. This product is widely used in engine oil, gear oil (open and closed), hydraulic oil, molding oil, trench oil, rail oil in petroleum, chemical, cement, metallurgy, mining, electric power, shipbuilding, machinery, military, and other industries. , Compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, total loss system oil, axle oil, pneumatic tool oil, rail oil, bearing oil, cylinder oil, conductive oil, transformer insulating oil (mineral type, synthetic oil) and other industrial waste oil regeneration .


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